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Willow talks with InStyle Magazine

While in New York City for Fashion Week, Willow stopped by the InStyle Magazine offices for a quick chat. The article features a beautiful new photo shot by Alex Reside, which I added to the gallery. Willow also talks about Mockingjay Part One and her relationship with co-star Jennifer Lawrence—click HERE to read!

Girls Life Magazine

I am crazy excited about this update! As you probably know, Willow is the December/January cover girl for Girls Life Magazine! The special holiday edition goes on sale on November 19th, but some stores already have copies out ready for you to buy! I was lucky enough to find a copy so I scanned it for you guys and added the pictures to the site! Sadly, I don’t have the best scanner in the world so the quality isn’t all too great but once better quality scans are released, I will add those, too!

Girls Life also released a behind the scenes video of Willow at their shoot! Which, as you can probably guess, is absolutely ADORABLE! The photography was done by Dean Foreman and I really hope we get to see more pics soon because this shoot is awesome!

Lastly, if you already aren’t completely in love with Girls Life, they are actually giving away a signed copy of Willow’s cover issue! Just share the following graphic on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #GLwillow. Or you can ask a question when Willow takes over their Facebook page for a live chat next Wednesday for an automatic entry!

Bello Mag and Interviews

As you guys know, Willow is signing her Seventeen magazine cover in Denver, St. Louis, and Washington DC. Willow has been busy with not only meeting fans, but she has been doing several interviews with local news stations, so I have quite a few videos to share with you but first, Willow shot with BELLOmag last month and the issue is finally out! You can read the magazine online for free here or buy it on Newstand if you have an Apple product. I have added some pictures from the issue to the gallery. I am still waiting on more scans to share with you guys but luckily you can read the magazine online! The beautiful photography was done by Amanda Elkins.

Time for interviews! To start things off, Willow interviewed with Fox31 in Denver yesterday. Willow talks about how she got the role of Prim, and how it’s been since then! The interview is hilarious, too. The news station even filmed their own “audition” for The Hunger Games film! She also talks about how she was able to stay humble through it all.

And today, Willow interviewed with Fox2Now down in St. Louis. She talks about Catching Fire and even A Fall From Grace, one of Willow’s upcoming projects that actually will film in St. Louis! This is another adorable interview that you won’t want to miss!

She even got to interview with Show Me St. Louis– another local news station in St. Louis! Willow talks more about Catching Fire and about the dedicated fans!

Also, Willow did an interview with y98– a local radio station in St. Louis. Go here to listen to the adorable interview! Don’t forget to follow the site on twitter for more interviews and more updates right when they happen! Also- Willow has confirmed she will attend the Catching Fire World Premiere next week in London, so watch out for that, too!

GirlsLife Interview!

As you know, Willow shot with GirlsLife a couple of months ago for her second cover with them. A video has been released of an interview they did with Willow where she talks about reading and her favorite books! Also, you can even win the books she talks about in the interview here! Check out the interview below!

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