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Nylon Magazine and Kids Choice Awards!

Hello everyone- Laura here! We have 8 beautiful photos of Willow from Nylon Magazine! Be sure to check out the article here! Also, Willow will be attending the Kids Choice Awards which is Saturday March 31. We’ll upload pictures and videos as soon as we get them!

The Hunger Games premiere pictures & new scans!

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. Today we have 4 pictures of Willow at the worldwide premiere of The Hunger Games, they just keep popping up! There are even 2 pictures of Willow signing autographs, she must’ve felt so proud! However, that’s not all we’ve got to share. Thanks to Katerina, we also have 2 scans of Willow in Girls Life Magazine! Go and check out the pictures in our gallery or by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Nylon magazine and Walk To Africa!

Hello everyone, Laura here! Just a short update to share that I made some icons of Willow for you guys to use. Check it out here!
And also- Willow posted two pictures of her in Nylon magazine wearing Marc Jacobs– doesn’t she look beautiful? We added them to our gallery and we will add higher quality images when we get them!
Willow also joined in with “The Water Games: Walk For Africa” project- she’s such a caring young girl! Clean water isn’t available to everyone in the world and if you’d like to help check it out here!

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