The Haunting Hour Promo!

A new promo has been released for The Haunting Hour: Season 3 and you get to see a clip of Willow! Willow is around the 0:35 mark, where she touches a fence that seems to have an electric shock to it. The show looks awesome and we can’t wait to see her episode! The episode should premiere this winter, around December.

Teen Vgoue – behind the scenes!

Hello! Another Teen Vogue update for you! We found this adorable behind the scenes video of Willow and the other Teen Vogue Young Hollywood stars during their photoshoot. What a cool shoot! We also found two high quality pictures from the shoot which we added to the gallery.

And, in case you haven’t heard, Catching Fire has started filming! Willow flew out to Atlanta, Georgia today which means she could be filming at this very second! I am so excited for her, it will be so much fun to see Prim and all the characters again!

Teen Vogue Scans

Hi guys! I just bought the Teen Vogue issue featuring Willow and scanned them for you. Also, in case you haven’t heard, Catching Fire starts filming this Tuesday! (September 11th). So excited for Willow and the whole cast- it will be an awesome film!

Hollywood Teen ‘Zine Interview!

We’ve got another interview to share with you guys! Willow recently did a back to school interview with Hollywood Teen ‘Zine. They asked her about her favorite subjects, study tips, after school activities and even more! Did you know Willow takes ballet and hip-hop classes? Besides all the new information, our girl also shared a super adorable picture of her younger self with the magazine! We absolutely love the picture! Make sure to check it out in our gallery, as well as the full interview here.

What are you most excited about when returning to school every year?
School supplies! I love shopping for new pens, pencils and notebooks. It sounds dorky but I love seeing what comes out each year and finding at least one cool new thing…like a floppy ruler!

What type of student are you in school?
I think I am a lot like many students. I am really good at some subjects, just o.k. at others and struggle with some subjects (like math). Sometimes I get frustrated with subjects like that and my dad seems much longer. But then I get to reading a great book and everything is cool again. […]

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